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Party Workers Get Into Scuffle Over Tents

There was a physical confrontation between supporters of the United Democratic Party and the People’s United Party last week in western Belize. Reports are that supporters of the two political parties got into a scuffle over where they should place their flags and tents despite being told where in a meeting where both parties were to position their tents. However, yesterday one party decided to take over the entire space which got the other party angry which then led to the confrontation. Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, the Officer Commanding for San Ignacio spoke to the media on the issue.


“It’s a quite unfortunate incident.  Why I would say that is because a week and a half ago the returning officers for the three main areas that fall under my policing jurisdiction, namely Cayo North, Cayo Northeast and Cayo Central, the Returning Officers had spoken to both parties along with their lieutenants, as you may want to call them, where they had agreed that one would take one side and the other the other side. That was a gentleman’s agreement and I was hoping that it could have bore fruit. Unfortunately yesterday’s incident basically reflected that one of the parties decided to take both sides which in turn irritated the other party that was basically left out and then we had a number of supporters on both sides and none of them wanted to cave in or surrender to that agreement that I had mentioned before.”