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Past Queens form new Queen of the Bay Committee

Last year the Queen of the Bay pageant was embroiled in controversy as there was the crowning of two Queens.  To ensure there is not a repeat of last year’s fiasco a new Queen of the Bay Committee has been put together.   Deputy Prime Minister and Chairperson of the National September Celebrations Commission, Patrick Faber, made the announcement at this morning’s launch.

Patrick Faber – Chairperson of the National September Celebrations Commission: “The management of the pageant that we have known over the years to be the Queen of the Bay Pageant to be managed a committee of the former queens. The cabinet was made aware of this proposal and they supported this proposal and it is our view that the pageant of the Queen of the Bay ought to be the property of the Government and people of Belize and no one else and that it be managed by these former queens forming a committee. And so it is with that in mind that I am going to now bestow on those queens the very tough task but of course when you hear the proclamation being read on the 10th morning and you hear all the criteria that the judges use to be able to determine a queen you will understand that there is no other group more fitting to be able to determine, although I suspect they themselves will not be judges but they will guide the process to ensure that the many many fine traditions that you look for in a Queen of the Bay are upheld and are exercised in terms of the pageant itself.”

Love News asked Shari Williams, Co-Coordinator of the Queen of the Bay Committee what measures will be put in place to avoid a repeat of the unwelcoming event that took place last year.

Shari Williams – Co-Coordinator, Queen of the Bay Committee: “Well definitely last year was an eye opener for all of us. It made us realize that we need proper structure of what the Queen of the Bay is. What we’ve started to do last year is to document what the Queen of the Bay is, all of the rules and regulations and laws and bylaws. So we decided to capture it but the whole essence of today is to really formalize what the Queen of the Bay and how it is to be managed. So the forming of an association past queens we’ve always held the Queen of the Bay close to our hearts and we felt that we could do a good job of managing what the pageant is and overseeing a committee that would oversee the pageant itself. The Queen of the Bay is more than just a beauty pageant, we don’t look at it as a beauty pageant in terms of physical beauty. It was created in the 1946 by the Loyal and Patriotic Order of the Bay. At that time they felt that it was important to have an emblem of freedom, a symbol of love and so what it captures is the love of country, it captures the beauty, the inside beauty of what our young Belizean women are. We think the Queen of the Bay is about upliftment, we feel that it is about empowering women.”

The committee has started to plan for the 73rd Queen of the Bay.