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Past San Pedro Town Council Employees Seek Legal Council to Collect Owed Monies

At least fifteen persons who previously worked at the San Pedro Town Council have sought legal counsel in order to collect monies owed to them. The papers are yet to be filed in the courts as the attorney, Orson Elrington has sought to make a direct approach to the town council before filing the papers. Love News spoke with Elrington today who explained that while the terminated workers did collect some monies upon being fired there was a miscalculation on severance due to salary cuts suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Attorney at Law: ” “Well all of them got something but none of them got what is their proper compensation. You see as you may know Renee is that during the pandemic, during the COVID crisis,  many employers asked employees to take pay cuts until the end of whatever time period they determined between them and by agreement employees would say that they would accept this pay cut until the end of whatever term. So there would have been deferred payments, now regrettably what the council did is that one, they fired these employees without compensating them for their deferred payments. So remember that because if you fire me today then you’re due to pay me what the council did not pay over the last two months, it does not matter what administration is in power because councils are continuous, governments are continuous and so the liabilities continue to accrue. Beyond that what they would have done is let’s say somebody would have been working for twenty years and they would have been working for a thousand dollars a month but during the crisis they took a pay cut and they were paying $500 a month. Regrettably what the council decided to do is to calculate their benefits at that $500 rate as opposed to the $1,000 rate, that is clearly contrary to the law because again the salaries the person never agreed to salary cuts what they agreed was to deferred payment and those calculations must be made on what is the true salary of persons who have been terminated.”

Attorney Elrington the amount of monies owed to these fifteen former employees is close to quarter million dollars. He says that despite reaching out to the council there has been no response which is indicative that the matter will be going to the court.

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Attorney at Law: “We have written a pre litigation letter to the San Pedro Town Council and their attorneys have again orally requested extensions and they did so by way of letter last week and that extension expires I believe either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow after which point we would file suit if it is that they do not comply with the demands of our clients. Now it is our hope that we would not have to go there because again it is straightforward and it is trite law and therefore our presumption is that they simply did not understand the law when it is that they issued the funds initially and it was a mere miscalculation however we’re almost a month now in and therefore if we do not get the necessary and the appropriate action from the San Pedro Town Council then we’ll be forced to take legal action.”

It is to be noted that this matter is based merely on monies owed to the former employees and nothing to do with wrongful termination.