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Pat Andrews: From Banker to Ambassador

Last week we spoke with Ambassador Pat Andrews on the importance of the relations between Belize and Guatemala.  Ambassador Andrews, as we have reported previously, also serves in two more diplomatic capacities, which he spoke of to Love News.


“The role of a permanent representative to the OAS is one and I have continuous dialogue with the OAS. For example presently Belize is the chairman of the Caricom Caucus so our role then also translates into me being the participate or the chairman also of the Caricom Caucus and so we meet and discuss items related to the region and then I had the bilateral with the US as Ambassador to the US. I also keep in contact with our counterparts in the State Department and assist in Foreign Affairs to see their processes through and then finally with Canada I presented my letters of introduction last week to Prime Minister Trudeau and I’m hoping to be able to continue deepen our relationship with Canada and be able to work with them on key strategic issues for Belize.”

Ambassador Andrews was in the banking sector for decades before taking up diplomatic posting under the Barrow administration.  He spoke of the transition from one sector to the next.


“It’s been about 8 months but it has been very illuminating. I didn’t realize that I would have liked it so much, I think that knowing that I am serving Belize and trying to see how we can move various initiatives for Belize makes me feel good and I am very grateful for this appointment.”

Ambassador Andrews works out of an office in Washington DC.