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Patrick Andrews’ application for Belmopan Division rejected, he calls it PUP victimization

Also speaking out against the party which rejected his application was Patrick Jason Andrews. Andrews was among the five applicants who placed their bid for the standard bearer in Belmopan. Today he told Love News that he was given two reasons why, which he rejects.

Patrick Andrews, Former PUP standard bearer: “The reasons that they gave which I find to be very irrelevant is that after the last general election they said that I was not around in Belmopan and that in their view I have abandoned the PUP in Belmopan but like I said that is very ridiculous and irrelevant because I have always been a support of the People’s United Party, I have served as a senator for this great party, I have also served as the previous standard bearer for the PUP in Belmopan. I know that going to a convention in Belmopan that I would have triumphed because you know we listen to the people on the ground and people all the time tell us Patrick- people keep on asking me to run again in Belmopan that is the reason why I applied to run again.”

Reporter: Would you be able to say what your suspicions are if it’s not about being supportive of the party what your suspicions are for being rejected?

Patrick Andrews, Former PUP standard bearer: “Well I won’t call it suspicion I would call it more factual truth that everybody knows that in the last leadership convention that I was very supportive of Francis Fonseca and I was very vocal about my support which I am a very vocal person I always speak my mind and I believe that is the only logical reason that Johnny Briceno has to not want me to run for the People’s United Party is because I did not support his bid for the leadership. They’re coming up with some very frivolous things about office that I had ran while I was standard bearer, I opened up my office I had my equipment in there, after the defeat of 2015 I closed down my office that I paid the rent for, I paid the bills, I bought my computer and so it was never a PUP executive office and I have about six of the past PUP executives that are willing to go on record and have gone on record. We are looking at our different options and we are considering what will be our next step for us here in Belmopan.”

Reporter: Would that step be closer to a decision of running independently ? Is there any possibility that you would break from the party?

Patrick Andrews, Former PUP standard bearer: “No. I’m a PUP I believe that the PUP is the best alternative for this country. I believe in the philosophy and the constitution of our party and so no I have no intention of running independent. As it relates to the hierarchy of the PUP I would humbly ask them to please evaluate their actions to see what they are doing because my party has not formed government yet and if this is the manner in which they are treating one of their own – this is not a UDP victimizing me this is the PUP victimizing Patrick Andrews a faithful support of the people and who still remains a faithful support of the PUP.”