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Patrick Faber comments on Queen of the Bay Drama

The drama that unfolded on Sunday during the installation of the 72nd Queen of the Bay is still being talked about. The events which played out in front of dignitaries including the Governor General and the Prime Minister, saw the former national coordinator, Zenaida Moya go head to head with the September Celebrations Commission chaired by Minister Patrick Faber. Moya insisted that Miss Orange Walk, Esmeralda Cal had been jilted out of the title because the judging rules were not adhered to by some of the judges. The Commission insisted that Miss Stann Creek, Aaliyah Ysaguirre who was declared the winner on the night of the pageant would be crowned. The fiasco that ensued on September 10th saw two queens crowned, the coordinator removed by Police and then fired on the spot. Today Minister Faber spoke about the unfortunate incident.

Patrick Faber , Chairperson of the National September Celebrations Commission: “It is unfortunate the circumstances that have happened in fact you know there were personal attacks made against me I will not get into that I think we should rise above the fray and we should certainly, I think that was a red herring to try to move us away from the real issues. What I can assure people of though is that moving forward we all in this country I think will agree that the Queen of the Bay pageant is something that is a national treasure and is not something to be owned by anyone individual or any particular group. It is my understanding and I’ve been able to confirm in fact that there have been moves on the part of Ms. Moya to register the name of the Queen of the Bay which I think is absolutely continuing to further against the wishes of the people of this country so I don’t want to get into the back and forth but I want Belizeans to understand that as the government and as the September Celebrations Commission which is responsible for our celebrations at this time of the year we view the Queen of the Bay pageant as our national treasure it is for all Belizeans, it is not to be dictated — its not to say that the Government wants to control it I believe it ought to be an autonomous body but it should not be dictated to by any one individual or any group, any particular group.”

Emma Boiton, who has been the backbone of the Queen of the Bay Committee for numerous years, had indicated that she would temporarily head the Committee until something is worked out.