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Patrick Faber is Reinstated as Leader of the Opposition

Patrick Faber was sworn in as the Leader of the Opposition this morning at the Belize House in Belmopan. The 43-year-old Area Representative now holds the seat of UDP Party Leader and the Leader of the Opposition after regaining the confidence of the majority of the UDP’s elected representatives. A letter was sent yesterday morning to the Governor General with the signatures of Hugo Patt, Tracy Panton and Faber asking that the matter be treated with urgency. Faber’s reinstatement comes after he and the John Saldivar faction met over the weekend where a truce was established with a plan to unite. Faber spoke with the media just after midday today saying that with this move the opposition will now engage fully in its job to hold the government accountable in all areas. Here’s more on this with our Senior Reporter, Hipolito Novelo.

He’s been here before and he’s back back back again. Patrick Faber walked out of the Governor General house in Belmopan after being sworn in as Leader of the Opposition this morning. 

Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “Well it is you know a feeling that I’ve experienced already so it’s kinda bittersweet because it is that we have come back to this place that I’ve been already and we come back after some turmoil in our party that I’m hoping will now be fixed.”

Faber put a stop to Shyne Barrow’s time as LOO, finally garnering the support of the decider Tracy Panton whose signature on this letter effectively turned the tide in Faber’s favor. And while Faber was sworn in front of this entourage and supporters, Panton was absent, so was Hugo Patt. 

Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “Well you know that there is a pandemic and in fact the numbers that were allowed in here were very very small this morning and so actually while I would have loved to have all my colleagues here it simply was not possible so don’t use the numbers or who is here and who is not here as any indication of support or lack of support.”

And after finally getting support from opposition parliamentarians, Faber’s job now is to attempt to unite the UDP once again. 

Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “But of course the work of keeping our party unifies is not an overnight thing and it is a constant work in fact and so even as I stand here today as the leader of the party and Leader of the Opposition we have to be thinking, I am thinking and of course the leadership, in general because it’s not just me, of this party will have to forever be searching for ways to keep it as our name says the United Democratic Party.”

Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.