Patrick Faber reinstated as Collet Division Leader for UDP

Patrick Faber reinstated as Collet Division Leader for UDP

After being put through the ringer of public scrutiny and political blows, Patrick Faber is back at the helm of the Collet Division for the United Democratic Party.  The career of the 45-year-old politician was smeared in recent years with allegations of domestic abuse, and anger-management issues.  As a result, he had lost the confidence of the powers that be within the red and white camp, and was unseated as the Leader of the Opposition, and stood to lose the Collet seat that he has held on to for the past ten years as Area Representative.   Fast forward to today, and Faber has gotten the nod from the National Party Council and the Party Leader, Shyne Barrow.  The news circulated this morning when an internal text went out from Barrow indicating to party members that Ian Jones has resigned as the Collet Standard Bearer, making way for Faber who will be endorsed.  Senior member of the UDP, Tracy Panton, spoke to Love News on the matter, saying that this is the unity that the opposition needs to tackle the various national issues and decisions by the current administration.

Tracy Panton, Area Representative, Albert Division: “I certainly do think it’s in the right direction. I don’t know what private conversations the party leader may have had with the Honorable Patrick Faber. I do know that Patrick’s return to Collet had the unanimous support of members of the National Party Council when we last met. There were a few issues that needed to be sorted our particularly of course with Mr.Jones who had been brought into Collet. I assume that those issues have now been amicably addressed and the party is moving forward. I think the party recognizes how urgent it is for us to hold this government administration to account because the things that are happening and the things that the Prime Minister says and does is quite alarming. Our interest is to serve the greatest good, the highest good and I believe that we will always have difference we bring different thoughts and processes to the table and I think that’s healthy for a robust democracy and so we will not always agree a hundred percent but I think one thing we absolutely agree on is that we have to unite the party in the interest of what serves the greatest good for Belize.”

Perhaps the proverbial straw for the UDP seniors was when Faber began using social media to condemn and criticize the leadership of his party, refusing to remove the posts despite requests and advice from party members.  It wasn’t until some two months later that he conceded.  As a party rule, all elected members are to be automatically endorsed as standard bearers, but in Faber’s case an exception was made.  Love News understands that a meeting of the UDP elected representatives was held on Friday, April 21 to discuss Faber’s return.  The discussion was in favor of Faber’s return with unity being the central rationale.  As a result, Jones was approached by Opposition Leader, Shyne Barrow, for him to make way for Faber.  Jones reportedly did not hesitate to give way for Faber, but did ask for him to meet with the Collet Executive first.  We understand that the National Party Council is set to meet in May where Faber will be officially endorsed.  Our newsroom did reach out to Leader of the Opposition, Shyne Barrow, but he only provided us with a comment via text, saying, quote, “My commitment as Leader of the United Democratic Party has always been to do everything in my power to unite the Party in order to take back Government.  As evidenced by the almost unanimous NPC vote to Endorse me as Party Leader at the National Convention my efforts have not been in vain.  The return of Hon. Faber is a part of my sustained efforts to keep the UDP united and put us in the best position to win the Municipal Elections and General Elections.  The people of Belize deserve a better Government than they currently have and the UDP is ready to serve as the next Government of Belize.”  End of quote.

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