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Patrick Faber Responds to Former PM’s Statement on the UDP

Faber also spoke on Dean Barrow’s comment this week where he said that Shyne would not be running in the UDP Party Leaders convention. Faber says that is neither here nor there for him; he says what matters is interference by past party leaders.

Troy Gabb, Host, The Morning Show: Yesterday on the news it was broadcast an interview probably for the first time since the election there was an interview done with the former leader the Rt. Honorable Dean Barrow but he gave a synopsis of where he thinks your leadership will go but it wasn’t as glowing and confident. He felt that you will have a lot of challenges going forward but he did make the point, which is a little bit baffling, that he seemed to be convinced that the Honorable Shyne Barrow will not attempt to contest you at the next leadership convention for the Leader of the United Democratic Party. How do you countenance that along with what is happening right now by Shyne Barrow ? 

Hon. Patrick Faber, UDP Leader: “Well I need to say first of all that I really wish that when you retire from politics you retire fully. While the former leader does not out rightly, and of course he gave a very – well he tried his best to be very unbiased in the description of the situation yesterday his hands continue to move. I will not lie to anybody and that’s a part of the issue but as I said I won’t get into all the nitty gritty because it’s not healthy for our party but I would hope that we are able to work these issues out among ourselves. As it relates to Shyne ever contesting for the leadership well the truth is that he’s free to do so. I don’t buy the words of anybody in politics anymore especially in the kind of climate that exists. You’ll have to wait and see what will happen. So while the truth is that those words might be uttered from the former leader and also from Shyne himself the proof of the pudding is in tasting it and we’ll have to wait to see what comes out of that.”