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Patrick Faber Says Khalid Belisle is Free to Run in Belmopan

And now with Saldivar and Faber singing kumbaya, where does that leave Khalid Belisle who has his eyes set on representing Belmopan. According to UDP Leader, Patrick Faber, the party will not interfere with Belisle’s candidacy.

Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “Yes there is the issue of the conventions that are coming up and of course you know that the first out of the gates with those conventions is the Belmopan convention and yes indeed Saldivar would be challenged by Khalid Belisle, somebody who I certainly would have supported publicly at that time and so our discussion was that if we were going to form a truce that I would merely stay out of the Belmopan race nothing else. There would be no pressure toward Khalid Belisle to remove himself, there was no promise to say to Khalid you cannot run in fact that is not how the United Democratic Party operates. We do not dictate who our candidates are and you will know this from our long standing history of democratically -wherever possible – and we make room for that selecting our candidates. Immediately after meeting with Mr.Saldivar I visited with Mr.Belisle to say to him that we are trying our best to put together this kind of peace in the party and that my commitment if it is to go through is that I will not engage myself in a public campaign against John Saldivar or for anybody for that matter; that I will simply stay neutral. I discussed that with Khalid and he appreciated that, he understood as far as I saw that there is a greater position that we had to work for and he was okay with that. To date I have confirmed with Mr.Belisle that he is very much in the race for caretaker of Belmopan and when that convention is called that he will be a candidate in that convention and that is something that I believe that Mr.Saldivar is also okay with.”

Love News asked Saldivar if he would be reaching out to Belisle to see if they can come to an arrangement or sorts.