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Patrick Faber’s Position as LOO Being Questioned by the UDP

Tonight, the Friends for Conservation and Development is not the only group trying to out burning fires. Leader of the Opposition, Patrick Faber is under fire and heavy scrutiny by his own party members following the viral video showing him acting in a fit of rage with the mother of his daughter. Despite the party leader having given a recorded public apology, members of the United Democratic Party are condemning his actions and questioning whether an apology is sufficient in this matter. Reports to Love News say that there is a movement afoot to unseat Faber, and to have a new interim leader. The UDP Secretariat has since issued a release saying that while there was a meeting held yesterday evening, at no point was there a discussion to remove Faber as leader. The release goes on to say that the reports are nothing but mischief, and that, “Patrick Faber continues to enjoy the full, unreserved confidence and support of the duly constituted bodies that direct and manage the affairs of our party in accordance with its constitution.” End of quote. The UDP’s meeting held yesterday evening was a leadership core meeting comprising of the five leaders elected by the national convention, and reportedly called by Tracy Panton. It had the presence of Patrick Faber, Hugo Patt, Beverly Williams, Michael Peyrefitte, and Alberto August.