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Paul Munnings charged with aggravated assault

Forty-nine year old Paul Munnings appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner, where he pleaded not guility to aggravated assault.  Munnings was released on bail of two thousand dollars and his case was adjourned until March 23. The incident occurred on January 21, where the complainant, 30-year-old, Tiffany Saragossa, a school teacher, alleges that she was assaulted by Munnings who is her ex-boyfriend. Saragossa said that Munnings visited her home under the influence of alcohol; she went to meet him outside where he told her he came “to kill and destroy”. Saragossa went into her bedroom to take a call from her boyfriend and Munnings followed her into the bedroom and grabbed her phone and he began to curse. Thereafter, a struggle ensued between them. Meanwhile, her boyfriend and one of her church brothers arrived in a vehicle and Munnings ordered her to go outside to see what was happening. While she was on her way out, Munnings came up behind her and he put a machete to her throat. Saragossa said she feared for her life because she felt that he was going to kill her. Munnings then went outside and waved the machete at her boyfriend and her church brother who were still in the vehicle. Thereafter, Saragossa told her children and her niece to go back inside the house and she used a ladder to climb through a window into her house and she stayed there until the police arrived. Munnings was taken into custody and was arrested and charged. Meanwhile, Orange Walk resident will serve fifteen years in prison after he was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced yesterday.  30-year-old, Keith Gaynair was rendered guilty in October 2018 for a 2013 incident that ended the life of Darrel Wade Junior.  Wade was eighteen years old at the time and was a student at the New Hope High School.  He was stabbed three times on his way home.  Gaynair has been on remand for just over five years and will serve another ten. However, he will be eligible for parole in 2021.  He was represented by attorney Richard Bradley