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Paumen Saga Involves Ministry of Natural Resources

The man accused of master minding the murder plot of his business partner is out on bail tonight. Fifty eight year old American Tour Operator Bradley Paumen was ordered to pay twenty five thousand dollars to the court to secure his bail. Justice Antoinette More ordered that he surrender all his travel documents and report to the police station weekly. Paumen is the owner of Dark Knight Caves and it is believed that he and three other persons were plotting the murders of Michael Modiri and two other persons. It has been widely reported that this matter arose due to a land dispute in Blackman Eddy in Western Belize. Today we got a comment from Tourism Minister, Manuel Heredia Jr.


“In particular that matter is in the courts. I don’t know the nuts and bolts about that. I know that Mr.Paumen had invested financially in Belize and I have seen his project I believe that it is a wonderful project. What happened there is that other ministries are involved directly from the Ministry of Tourism I don’t believe that it is anything that has to do directly with the tourism industry that really disturbed this thing.”


“But the BTB is licensing someone who a judge has said “trespassed on someone’s land to operate his stores.”


“Any license that is done, there is a format that we use that states that you have to have a police report, even our local tour guides have to produce a police record and other things which will ensure that the vetting committee that does this thing are fully conscious that this person is in proper form to operate. Anything that is acquired is acquired for the general use of the public and I’m sure that as you see many of the people who access that road want to see it become public and that everyone is able to use. I for one believe that it needs to be open for everybody. If for some reason that was the case then it was a matter for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Mr.Paumen’s to deal with.”

Also out on bail is Lisburn Anderson who had to pay the courts fifteen thousand dollars with the same conditions as Paumen.