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PC Alicia Trapp faces internal police investigation

Her name has been in the news for days now and tonight Police Constable Alicia Trapp will be investigated by the Belize Police Department. Today, Police Commissioner Chester Williams confirmed that Trapp will face an internal probe for her actions on Sunday, June 5 during village council elections in Teakettle Village, Cayo. In his second letter to Trapp’s attorney, Orson OJ Elrington, Williams says that Trapp expressed her partisan political opinion during those elections. That opinion violates the Police Act under which she’s governed. Particularly, the Commissioner points to Trapp’s Facebook video in which she references some UDP posters as “our posters”, adding quote “Mek we open we eyes and see weh these PUP people di do we” Unquote. Williams says the comments are tantamount to a biased political opinion in a public place and quote “is a clear breach of the laws governing discipline within the Police Department” Unquote. Trapp’s video, says the COMPOL, also goes against the department’s media policy. The COMPOL, in his usual tone, says that quote “those members of our department who do not wish to abide by our disciplinary rules should leave and find employment elsewhere and if it means we must discipline and/or dismiss them for misconduct, then so be it” Unquote. He then tells Elrington that once the investigation is finished and it is determined that Trapp violated the department’s internal rules, action will be taken against here. He added quote “Where this is done you are free to represent her, but I assure you that we will not be perturbed by your threats” End quote. Elrington reiterated via WhatsApp just before news time saying quote “Any attempt to try to punish Miss Trapp for her political opinions would be a clear violation of her constitutional right. We stand ready and willing to defend her constitutional rights” Unquote. He added, quote “I am happy to see however that the Commissioner has once again learnt some law from me. He has corrected the misguided statement he made in his first interview regarding this matter when he said that the police are governed by the Public Service Regulations and now accepts in writing that it is the Police Act which governs the Police and by extension Miss Trapp” End quote. Let’s see if these two pen pals will keep it up any longer.