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PC Alicia Trapp’s case proceeds to Supreme Court in October

Police Constable Alicia Trapp heads to the Supreme Court in October. She’s the police officer, who alleged that the Minister of Infrastructure Development, Julius Espat, assaulted her during village council elections in June. She’s also facing disciplinary charges from the Police Department for taking to Facebook and venting about the incident. Police Commissioner Chester Williams said that Trapp’s actions violate the department’s social media policy. Trapp is seeking declaration and constitutional relief for what has been described as an arbitrary decision by the department to punish her for exercising her rights guaranteed under the Constitution. We asked her attorney, Orson “OJ” Elrington for an update.

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Attorney-At-Law: “I don’t know what is the substantive case for you because if you ask the commissioner, the substantive case for him might be the disciplinary proceedings but for us the substantive case is the application for a declaration that her constitutional rights have been breached. As I think I have indicated, we filed that application a few weeks ago but the Supreme Court is currently on its holiday and so, you know, certain things such as the declaration of when there will be an issuing of court dates that would not happen until, I believe the court opens next week. I think it’s either the 16th or the 19th. I can’t remember the date at this point in time but after that you should start to see some movement in many matters involving the Supreme Court. Right now it’s only the emergency matters that are heard.”

Since that interview, Love News has learned that the case goes to the Supreme Court on October 19. The Commissioner of Police will be represented by the Office of the Solicitor General.