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PC Tevin Aranda Charged with Manslaughter for shooting death of Mario Vernon

Police Constable Tevin Aranda, accused of the shooting death of 24-year-old Mario Vernon in Punta Gorda over the weekend has been charged by Police. Now, Aranda was not slapped with a charge for murder. Police report that, as directed by the office of the Director of Public Prosecution, Aranda was charged with manslaughter.  He was arraigned today at the Dangriga Magistrate Court where he was offered, and met, bail of ten thousand dollars. His case is set for April sixteen. Aranda is accused of shooting Mario Vernon to the head on Saturday night while he was in a yard in Punta Gorda. The police version of the incident is that Vernon was armed and in a police pursuit, Vernon pointed a firearm at the officer who then fired a shot that caught Vernon in the right side of his head. Eyewitnesses, however, refute the police’s account and say that Vernon was never armed.  The Belize Police Department is conducting a criminal and internal investigation into the incident.