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Peace walk in memory of slain sisters to be held this weekend

Paul Mahung reporting…

An event entitled Walk for Justice and Call for Peace in Toledo Communities will be held this weekend in the Toledo District. The event is a result of the recent gruesome murder of nineteen year old Cresencia and her seventeen year old sister Josephine Oh. The community level event will begin in San Jose and conclude in San Antonio Village Toledo as explained by San Jose Villager Justino Peck.

Justinio Peck

“Pastors of various churches in San Jose Village have organized a walk for peace this Saturday, February 3rd starting at 3 pm by the Community Center in San Jose Village and the people will walk from San Jose to the areas where the bodies were found about two miles from San Jose village on the side of the road. From that location the people will be taken on bus to San Antonio San Luis Reyes School extension where prayer and speeches are included in the program. It was welcoming news to hear that Wilmar Escobar was arrested by Police and charged for double murder. This news has brought some relief to the people in the area.”

Peck commented that last Sunday pastors of various denominational churches in San Jose Village Toledo and villagers participated in a community ecumenical religious service as all united in prayer for murdered Cresencia  and Josephine Oh as well as their grieving family and friends and the person who cruelly committed the crime of murder. The Maya Leaders Alliance and the Toledo Alcalde Association issued a release stating its support for the call to stand against crime. The Toledo Alcaldes Association recognizes and applauds the efforts of the Police Department that has led to the arrest of a suspect but adds that their fight against heinous crimes continues. The association emphasizes the need to send a “strong and clear message to all that as a community” they will not tolerate these kinds of acts. In the same manner, the TAA applauds the cooperation of the Maya communities with the police. The Maya communities are asked to join in the event. Transportation is being arranged and those interested can call 6-6-2-1-6-6-3 for more information.