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Peacemaker Dies in Caye Caulker Bar

29-year-old, Leon Gordon is dead following an altercation at a bar establishment in Caye Caulker Village, Belize District.  The circumstances that led to the fatal stabbing are yet to be ascertained but reports reaching Love News are that the confrontation involved two men from Belize City known to be gang affiliates.  The incident occurred at around eight o’clock last night.  Ralph Humes who is Gordon’s uncle spoke to Love News.


“I got the call about a few minutes to eight that there was an emergency. When I got to the health center I noticed it was my nephew. I deal with emergencies whenever anybody gets sick or injured I make sure they got to the Belize City hospital. I understand that there was an argument between the establishment owner and a young kid by the name of Austin and then there was some sort of altercation with him. The owner and his son and the young kid and he went in to try and separate them from fighting and that is when he was injured. It was a single stab wound, we managed to get him to the Karl Heusner where he underwent surgery. He came out surgery and that is when they believe he passed. I understand that they have two persons detained.”

Gordon is originally from Ladyville Village, Belize District; he had been living on Caye Caulker for about seventeen years now where he did manual labor and fishing.