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Pen Cayetano Celebrates a Retrospective in Art

The exhibition of “Pen Cayetano Master Artist” is being held tonight at 7pm at the Mexican Cultural Institute. It is a retrospective exhibition of the years of his contribution to Belize’s cultural art legacy. And this afternoon Love News Spoke to Cayetano about his career as an artist and the works which are on display.

Pen Cayetano, Artist: “My career started off when I was six or seven years old with painting and drawing. First I started to draw. Then when I was fourteen years old I started to paint.”

Reporter: And the subject of your paintings were always culture ?

Pen Cayetano, Artist: “It’s always culture. The Garifuna culture and sometimes I mix it up with the different cultures of Belize, the Maya people or sometimes I touch Belize City’s culture and just the culture of Belize totally.”

Reporter: Where do you see your legacy in the art world?

Pen Cayetano, Artist: Well my legacy is supposed to be I feel like I am the artist of Belize and I feel that it’s me. That painting is about Christ coming off on the boat when he rose the people from in the boat. I have some subject with Hopkins and the works, most of them are cultural works.

The display is part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Mexican Cultural Institute. On Friday the cultural institute will also have a Garifuna Settlement Day celebration activity. Both events are free for the public to attend.