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Penners perish in Accident

Police report that an elderly couple lost their lives in a motorcycle accident. According to police, on Saturday 85-year-old Gerhard Penner was driving a Gold Pontiac Montana van headed to Spanish Lookout. Penner reportedly collided into the rear of a motorcycle being ridden by 51-year-old Abram Penner and his wife 48-year-old Irene Penner both residents of Spanish Lookout. The police say that age of the driver may also be a factor in the accident.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of National Crimes: On Saturday sometime around 6 PM San Ignacio police was called out to Spanish Lookout in relation to a fatal traffic accident where upon arrival they met one Gerard Penner, 85 years who was the driver of a van. Also on the scene police observed a motorcycle in the front portion or just in front of the van. The lifeless bodies of two persons, a male, and a female were observed on the ground in the same vicinity and those persons were identified as Abraham Penner 51 years old and his wife Irene Penner 48 year. The police investigation so far indicated that both Abraham Penner and his wife were traveling on Route 40 in Spanish Lookout when they were hit from behind resulting in the injuries that were caused to them and eventually their deaths. Police at that point in time did detain Mr.Gerard Penner where samples were taken from him and he was served with a notice of intended prosecution pending the post mortem results later if not today tomorrow. As you know the police will have nothing to do with the issuing of licenses right. So that definitely is a concern to us at this point in time and also the driver of the van seems to be a…. not a special needs person but he is up in age I should say.”