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Peoples United Party Walks Out of House Meeting

Late this evening, after delivering some presentations, the Peoples United Party, led by Leader John Briceno (VO STARST) walked out of Parliament without voting on the loan motion tabled before the House. Said Musa, Francis Fonseca, Kareem Musa and the Leader of the Opposition spoke favorably about paying bills but ultimately abstained by their absence, leaving it in the hands of the Government to press with the no vote on whether or not to pay the 95 million dollars plus debt and interest owed to the Belize Bank.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow tabled the bill and told parliament that though the debt is due, if they voted no, the 90 million dollars can’t be taken from the consolidated funds to pay the debt which was ordered by the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Prime Minster Dean Barrow: “Nobody in Belize or abroad can show me Madam Speaker what public good has been or that any public good has been obtained in the consequence of the transaction which ultimately led to this court’s judgment against us. If the House votes not to approve the supplementary again because the rule of law is absolutely entrenched in our country on our constitution and is inviolable that does not vitiate or cancel or liquidate the debt. That does not take anything away from the judgment of the Caribbean Court of Justice. Their judgment stands; their judgment remains valid, their judgment would continue to mean that the sum set out to their judgment,. The figure arrived at would be collectable in principle from the Government of Belize but it can never ever be collected unless or until parliament where to vote the money to pay it so I don’t yet know, I think I can guess, I don’t yet how the House will vote today but if the House were to vote no perhaps at some point in the future if the Belizean coffers are filled to overflowing and that day might not be far off,I see that second quarter GP growth is in excess of 5% maybe when we reach that not too distant shores another parliament may think that not withstand there nothing to show for it. There is no public benefit that has been concerned notwithstanding the fact that the transaction that led to that judgment is repugnant, is immoral, is rotten, is execrable, is leprus. Some future parliament will decide well we have so much money let us pay it.”