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Persons arrested for having a house party

As many as eight persons were arrested over the weekend at a house party.  Police in Belize City were alerted of the social gathering taking place in the Lake Independence Area on Sunday night. 

As many as eight persons were arrested over the weekend at a house party. Police in Belize City were alerted of the social gathering taking place in the Lake Independence Area on Sunday night.  In yesterday’s police press brief the Police Commissioner, Chester Williams frowned on the lack of adherence by some residents as it relates to social distancing and reiterated the department’s commitment to uphold the COVID-19 regulations.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “It would appear that some people are of the belief that we’re now in an all clear and as such we are seeing that parties are popping up here and popping up there and police have to be on full alert with a view to identify where these parties are and disrupt them but not only disrupt but to ensure that those persons who are having these parties that they are dealt with. We’re still dealing with this pandemic and the state of emergency regulations are pretty much still in force and as police officers we have a responsibility to ensure that the regulations are enforced for the safety of all our residents and so yes you see that from that party in Belize City last night I think eight persons were arrested and I had directed OC in Eastern Division to go back for those who reside at the house because they too need to be charged, I think it was a total of fifteen persons so the others should be dealt with today.”

In other police related news, the municipality of Dangriga has been seen gun violence erupting in recent months.  Police Commissioner had committed to the town’s residence and the country to address the matter with a heavier police presence and patrols.  Over the weekend several weapons were found during an operation.  Commissioner Williams explained yesterday that this is the result of more vigilance in that area.  Speaking on the caliber of weapons found was Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch: “As a result of the spike in crime in Dangriga which the commissioner had spoken about when we last met several operations were carried out in the south of the country. Beginning with the first one on Friday members of the Anti Gang Task Force and other units of the Belize Police Department conducted an operation in the second new site area of Dangriga Town also known as the “Salty Dog” area where a search was conducted on an empty lot where police received a black plastic bag and when opened it contained one Mac 10 weapon along with 52 9mm rounds of ammunition, one .38 Special revolver along with two .38 rounds and 105 .223 rounds of ammunition. No one was found in the area at the time so those items were retrieved and will be sent to the lab for analysis. The investigation continues and we do expect that we will recover more weapons as a part of the investigation, these things are being sent to the lab to determine whether or not any prints can be lifted from them or whether or not these weapons have been used in the commission of any previous crimes. In continuing as a part of the same investigation police sometime around 4:45 PM on Friday last visited an unnamed caye just east of Dangriga where they conducted searches and found a grey canvas hidden and in that was wrapped a green AK-47 rifle with an empty magazine. No one again was found in that area so that too was also processed and will be sent to the lab for comparison.”