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Peru’s Non-Resident Ambassador Meets Belize’s Peruvian Community

Yesterday three ambassadors presented their credentials to Belize’s Governor General, Sir Colville Young. One of those ambassadors was Jorge Roman Morey of Peru. Belize and Peru have enjoyed diplomatic relations for more than twenty five years. Ambassador Morey says that he plans to strengthen the relationship by establishing mutual cooperation that would benefit both countries in different areas of growth.


“One of the ways that we can do this is sharing our experience. It’s not always funding money, sometimes we don’t have it, our budget even though it’s working well it will not allow us to fund project but what we do have is the human resources, the people, the people with experience that can be shared with the other part so this is the cooperation that we need to establish first and sit down and get to a point where we have a list of topics that we want the other part to let us share. I think we can have, like other countries, multiple areas that the experience can be of utility for the people of the other country. There is an agreement that will be the first part for this relaunching that has already been working between the two countries, even though we do not have the resident embassy here but the draft of the agreement has been sent from one embassy to the other to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the technicals have done their opinion now Belize sent us the final draft one month ago so it’s in Peru and we hope that in the next month we will be able to sign this agreement of friendship and cooperation and from there on establish these topics that will be part of the corporations that we can share.”

Ambassador Morey met with the Peruvian community in Belize yesterday. Some of the immigrants from Peru shared their story about how they came to live in Belize.


“Are you able to say what is the size of the Peruvian Community here in Belize?”


“It’s very small. I understand its basically some families that,  I was speaking with one of them yesterday and he told me and was very frank and he told me that he was not coming to live in Belize, he was going to another country and this was a step in the middle of going to another country but when he realized that this was the place it changed quickly. He found himself in a country that could allow him to grow, that he could be inserted in the society, that he could be productive for the Belizean society but also for him as a person and for his family. So this person brought his family here with that incentive saying that Belize was the place to come. Happy in Belize? Yes that’s probably how he felt, that is why he brought his family so there are some families no more than 100 here and there, some are not registered maybe lower amount of people but having more or less immigrants from other countries will not make any significant change it’s the way we interact between the two countries and the way our people feel.”

Morey is a non-resident Ambassador. He is stationed in San Salvador, El Salvador. Dr. Rene Villanueva is the Honorary Consul in Belize.