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Pesticides Control Board recognizes nine pest operators

Nine pesticide control operators were recognized by the Pesticides Control Board for successfully completing a course for trade applicators involved in urban or structural pest control. The training programme included forty-eight hours of theoretical courses divided into three modules with an evaluation at the end of each module and a final practical evaluation. Registrar of Pesticides, Miriam Ochaeta-Serrut of the Pesticides Control Board said that it was an updated training programme.

Miriam Ochaeta- Serutt – Registrar of Pesticides, Pesticides Control Board: “ The training that they participated in ranges from identification of the pest. The unique pest management strategies for the different kind of pests, the different situations, basically the professional ethics that pest control operators need to be mindful of because their activity puts them directly with people and the environment but most importantly with the people in these settings so pest management in urban settings is a very specialized industry that requires a lot of knowledge and professional ethics.”

Ochaeta-Serrut said that the Pesticides Control Board is aware of the need to modernize the legislation governing this industry.

Miriam Ochaeta- Serutt – Registrar of Pesticides, Pesticides Control Board: “There are some legislation updates that we need to do because at present there are some gaps in the legislation where we cannot enforce across the board so our enforcement is a little bit weak in this area because there is complementary legislation within the Ministry of Health. The legislation that covers Local Government so, for example, do these people need trade licenses? What are the requirements for having a trade license? Do restaurants have to have a pest management program? Whom should they be calling to come and manage the pest in a hotel, in a restaurant, in a bank, etc? Do you just get anybody of the street or so there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of the gaps in the legislation but our focus going forward is in terms of enforcement, working with these newly certified and recognized pest control operators to follow up with them, to continue to monitor them, to ensure that they are following the best practices that they have learned.”

The award ceremony was held on Monday, June 3 in Belmopan.