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PETAL Condemns the Attack of a Woman and her Partner in Belize City

Activities continue geared at celebrating Women’s Month. The group, PETAL has chimed in by raising awareness of violence in same-sex partnerships. Recently, there was an incident involving a woman and her female partner being assaulted by their family member. The victim took to social media to ask for help as she stated that incidents like these have occurred frequently. Some of the public commented that the nature of the relationship could have played a role in why these women were attacked. Love News spoke with the President of PETAL, Charrice Talbert, who explained that this type of reaction is an ongoing problem that further influences inequality and discrimination.

Cherrice Talbert, President P.E.T.A.L.: It’s a conversation that has to be continuous and not continuous in terms of just talking for talk’s sake. What is it that we need to do to seriously address the issues of patriarchy that we have within this country, that we have around the globe? How do we desensitise these young men to know that you don’t have to be violent in order to get a person to communicate with you. You know, it’s not about being in a relationship and telling another person what to do. You’re in a relationship to support each other, nurture each other and grow together to be the best you both can be. You know, so it’s a conversation that needs to be ongoing and not once per year because crime, violence against women, even against boys, it’s not something that’s happening sporadically. It’s happening unfortunately too often. Everyday it’s something that you hear. There’s a lot of trauma that exists without same sex unions. Just within households there’s a lot of violence that occurs. The way parents speak to each other. The way they speak to the children. The way they engage them, that in itself is a lot of trauma within a home and some homes are more poor than others, we know and it’s not to say that these things only happen in homes where persons are more poor or this doesn’t occur to rich persons, this only occurs to those types of persons. No, this is not that. Trauma affects us all and it affects us differently.”

PETAL held its annual Women’s Forum last week, focusing on the importance of engaging men and boys in the families. The forum featured three panel discussions that focused on communication, support and intersectional needs. PETAL says that it hopes initiatives like these will help to promote a more equal society.