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PetroCaribe Monies – An Indirect Benefit for Teachers and Public Officers

Last week, President of the Belize National Teachers’ Union, Luke Palacio told the media that the Prime Minister misled the nation in saying that the teachers and public officers are benefiting from Petro Caribe. Barrow explained to the media how the teachers and public officers are either directly or indirectly benefiting.


“When I say to Mister Palacio that teachers and public officers benefit, I am not throwing it in his face.  I am merely stating a fact in order to underline my point that if some procedural mistakes were made at the beginning, there was no malice, there was no intent and we’ve now been able to sort that out. I also say they benefit indirectly and this seems to have caused some sort of a stir and some sort of a kerfuffle because our agreement with them that they would get 50% of any increase in recurrent revenue from one year to the next is made possible because we have PetroCaribe to fill the hole in terms of government spending that is caused by that agreement. In that context I am not saying PetroCaribe pays their increases but it gave us the space to allow us to come to that agreement with them.  So, please again nobody should be running from ghosts.”