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Petty Officer Diego Returns Home Following Shooting Incident

A coast guard petty officer has returned from Mexico after being treated for injuries sustained in a shooting incident in April 2016.  It is with much assistance from the Mexican Navy that Diego has managed to recover, as explained by Commander of the Belize Coast Guard, Admiral John Borland.


Love News spoke with Petty Officer (Class Three), Kevin Diego on his experience and his plans for the future.


“I’m looking forward to moving forward from the accident so I want to leave that in the past. The incident took place in Corozal so I had to drive all the way to Belize for assistance because they didn’t have the instrument to assist me in Corozal because I shattered a vein so I came to Belize. A lot of time has passed since I got shot so my foot began to die and eventually the doctors at the KHMH  told me that I had to loose my foot and I wasn’t ready to hear that so I told my family that I had to move from that hospital and try to get help somewhere else. We ended up in Chetumal. We were getting assistance in Chetumal however finances ran low so we asked for further assistance from the Mexican Navy and that is how I ended up in Mexico City. They’ve been really helpful, the talked me through everything, they got me translators so I really understood everything that was taking place and they are openly willing to assist me so we became a like a family. I did two surgeries on my foot and from there on I did some strengthening in the leg and the body and I’m here today six weeks a little vacation then I go back to Mexico to work on getting my prosthetic and continue my rehabilitation.”

The medical attention given to Diego runs in the thousands but the finances were never an issue, says Admiral Borland.


Diego was brought in by the officials of the Mexican Navy who met with the Coast Guard Commander and the Chief Executive Officer, Retired Colonel George Lovell.