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Peyrefitte said people who wore his shirt did not vote for him

Michael Peyrefitte’s ground campaign did not work in his favor. He had placed his campaign in the hands of incumbent, Anthony “Boots” Martinez. Peyrefitte spoke to the media when the chairman announced Willoughby was the winner. Peyrefitte said it was obvious that some of the people who wore his UDP shirts did not vote for him.

Michael Perryfiete: “I honestly felt that they would vote for me. I was mistaken obviously but I felt good going into the count. It was not until we started to count that I realized that it was not going to be a good night. I think it was obvious that the machinery that we had was superior as we had said before visibly it looks good. If it went trust on looks before it started to count I would say I would  have have won but obviously those people who had on my shirts and majority of them did not vote for me. Well you had the National Security Minster, you had the Minister of Education as well, you have a lot of people who were working on the other side as well who are formidable political forces as well so there are no excuses. You ran a race, some people would say too many PUP’s voted, some people will say this, some people will say that but that’s not what I am about. The votes were casted and we felt good going in and when the votes were counted he was victorious so he is to be congratulated. I kept saying to the media over and over because I genuinely meant it that we have to see what happen here today first. How can you even talk about that or think about that until you have won the nomination for your party to represent the constituency so I never thought beyond this day to be honest to you so I always knew that if I won on this day I would have to contemplate what a lot of people wanted for me but I also maintain every time that I would not even contemplate that until we got through to it.”

Peyrefitte said that there is enough work at the Attorney General’s office to keep him busy.