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PG Day, an Event for the Family

There are two annual events that residents of Toledo look forward to every year. The first one is the Tide Fest and the other is PG Day of Course. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung reports on this weekend’s PG Day Activities

Paul Mahung: “Plans are in place for the celebration of PG Day this weekend in Punta Gorda. PG Day Activities are coordinated by Punta Gorda Town Council. Mayor Ashton Mckenzie spoke to Love News of highlights of the event.

Ashton Mckenzie: “PG Day is normally commemorated on the last Saturday in the month of January. This year PG Day will be celebrated on the 26th of January which is this Saturday and the Punta Gorda Town Council is extending a cordial invitation to residents of Punta Gorda Town, surrounding areas and other towns, cities and districts to be a part  of this most festive and memorable occasion. We have a series of events that will be taking place throughout the course of the day to keep our guests entertained. The highlighted activities and the main highlight of the day includes the Kayak Competition which takes place from the Tide Wharf and it goes all the way to the Orange Point Marina and back. Back and forth the total distance of the race should be roughly 2 miles. Apart from that we will be having a grand domino tournament which features participation from a series of Domino clubs within the municipality. In addition to that we will be having an Ital Is Vital Hudut Cook Off Competition. All ingredients are  being provided by the Town Council with fabulous prizes and we are inviting our different local chefs to come out and be a part of that as well. In addition to that there is the PG Day Cycling Classic taking place. We are having our business expo and this should feature a series of local business as well as businesses from outside the town, from outside of the district offering deals.

Paul Mahung: “ Mayor Ashton Mckenzie confirms that the 124th PG Day activities are scheduled for 10 am to 10pm at the open lot next to Walucos at the Northern entrance of town. Paul Mahung Punta Gorda.