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PG Mayor Claims Sabotage

The Mayor of Punta Gorda says the newly handed compactor garbage truck was sabotaged.  The truck was recently handed over to the Punta Gorda Town Council by Belize Water Services Limited. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Paul Mahung, Love FM

“During an official ceremony at the BWS compound in Punta Gorda on August 29th this year the donated compactor truck was handed over to the Punta Gorda Town Council by BWS Chairman Alberto August. The following day the truck was put into needed garbage collection operation. The truck was operational for about a week and since then remains non-functional because of what Mayor Fern Gutierrez claims is a case of sabotage.”

Mayor Fern Gutierrez

“The compactor trucks that we have received are given to the municipality to basically improve the service we provide. The council understands the issues face on a day to day basis and know that these additional compactor trucks will decrease the cost of collecting garbage which means that we will be able to improve the service we provide. The compactor trucks that were previously donated by BWS were sabotaged and now the council is in the process to ensure that the truck is properly fixed, functional and on its route to provide the services that we pledged we would have been able to provide. I continue to encourage residents and members of the municipality to take ownership of our fleet of vehicles, that these trucks don’t belong to the council or to a specific individual, that when we these actions occur it hurts and harms the municipality and so as we speak about PG Town and the importance of unity let’s take ownership in our fleets of vehicles. We have increased the number of trucks as it relates to our vehicles and trucks but on a serious note, I urge my community members to take ownership of it as we propel forward to improving PG Town. The goal of this present town council and the next town council coming is to ensure that we improve the system that we met and that we improve garbage collection on another level. And so again PG Town ownership is with us, development starts with us and true change begins with us.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM: While mayor Fern Gutierrez preferred not to go into detail as to who was involved in what she said was sabotage the compactor truck awaits mechanical repair and is parked at the Punta Gorda Town Council compound.