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PG Police and the Public

Police in Punta Gorda Town continues to make efforts to strengthen public and police relationship. These efforts came at an opportune time since there has been a spike in burglaries. Toledo Correspondent Alwyn Mahung has the story. 

Alwin Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Police and members of the newly formed Magoon Neighborhood watch committee joined in efforts to reach out to residents in the Magoon section of Punta Gorda. The visiting police team was led by Officer in Command Toledo Police Formation Assistant Superintendent of Police Brenth Hamilton. 

ASP Brent Hamilton, Toledo Police Department: “Today we went into the area of the Magoon area in the Toledo district in Punta Gorda Town. We were happy to support a newly formed neighborhood watch group named the Magoon Neighborhood Watch Group. We went with some members of the committee we went door to door to most of the community to highlight this new neighborhood watch group and to tell them what this group is doing in their neighborhood bringing the people together, organizing such needed events and to just bring the community together to help prevent crime from happening in that area. I am happy. I brought out my officers and we met a lot of people who area saying that they’ve seen the police patrolling in the area, they’re seeing the effort of the police, they’re pleased with how the crime is happening in PG and I’m delighted to receive such information and we will not stop. We want Punta Gorda to be safe, we’re observing a little bit of a rise in burglary in our community and those people in our community could be our brother, our sister, or our family member and we must lend a hand and what such a brand new neighborhood watch group can also assist us with that to try to identify these people who are plaguing our community so I am very thankful.”

Alwyin Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: “The Magoon neighborhood watch group was led by president Jahrine Avila.

Jahrine Avila, President, Neighborhood Watch Group: “So today we got the opportunity to finally do our meet and greet within our community. This is where we went house to house to introduce ourselves so after our introduction what we let the people know about was our first event which will be a family fun day on July the second and the purpose for this fun day is so that we can get an opportunity to raise funds to help some needy students who are going to school within our community and we have other events that we will be doing in terms of fundraising to help those within our community. Like I said it’s not always about the negative and who is doing wrong and so forth within our community but to help build each other as well while keeping an eye on what is happening.”

Alwyin Mahung, Toledo Correspondent:  In an effort to keep crime minimal in town and as a part of efforts to enhance a good working relationship with police and community the outreach police meet and greet visits to inhabitants and their respective homes are held regularly in different sections of Punta Gorda.