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PG Women Seamlessly Sew

Several women from Punta Gorda Town continue to benefit from the generous donation of cloth material to the Ministry of Human Development. As Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung found out today, the women’s creations are not only fashionable but useful.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: A team of women of Punta Gorda are now producing a variety of locally made authentic sewn items. The women operate as a team under the name PG Women livelihood group. A member of the group, Leonor Requena spoke to Love News.

Leonor Requena, PG Women Livelihood Group Member

Leonor Requena, PG Women Livelihood Group Member: “It’s a program that started like two months ago with a donation from the Taiwanese government. It is a pleasure and we’re very thankful for the material. It’s a beginning to empower our women in Toledo, in PG. We started a sewing group with, we have about twelve members and at this moment we’re making curtains, tablecloth, matts, runners, bags, sheets and pillow slips. You can get in touch with Ms.Myrta Mendez at 6709798 and also you can get in touch with myself my number is 605 5001.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Requena commented that although COVID19 pandemic has been a setback to the group during the past year, members remained empowered and dedicated in getting enough products sewn to meet local market demand.

The materials were donated to the Ministry by the Republic of China (Taiwan).