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PG Youths complete training

A number of youths completed a Bicycle and Weed Wacker repair training program in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Paul Mahung:

During a ceremony on the weekend to mark the successful completion of the training program guest speaker was school teacher Sheldon Ramirez.

Sheldon Ramirez:

“My advice to you all today, or one main advice I would like to give to you all is that the little skills that you all have picked up these past three weeks are very important and can be very helpful to you guys later on in life to hustle, to make a little extra money because maybe you are not the school type or the type of student that would like to be in a classroom setting or holding a bank job or a business job in that sort but you can make that little extra money or you can go even further with these little skills you have gathered over this crash course that you’ve gathered over these past three weeks. You all can go back with your facilitators with anything that you did not really get and go and find out more. Make sure you are doing something with your time and doing something valuable because these little skills that you’ve learnt can help you to pay the bills and take care of your little homes and later on do more in your lifetime.”

Paul Mahung:

Another main speaker, Toledo Institute for Development & Environment Executive Director, Celia Mahung congratulated and expressed gratitude to the  youths for their interest and efforts and parents for their support during their three week training program. Participant Jonathan Chiquin spoke of the meaningful and beneficial opportunity for employment provided by the life skills training program and on behalf of the participants expressed words of gratitude.

Joanthan Chiquin:

“I would like to thank everyone for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and support us. This was a three weeks course and it was filled with fun, dedication and most of all of hard work. I would like to thank the US Embassy for giving us the tools we need, to fix our grass cutter and bicycle. Thank you TIDE for doing this course for us and making it a free course for anybody who is interested. Thank You.”


Practical training sessions for bicycle repairs were facilitated by Peter Ramirez and for weed wacker repairs by Omar Sanchez. Training program certificates were presented to each of the participants by TIDE’s Development Director, Joe Villafranco. With the successful completion of the Life Skills training program the fourteen participants; seven for bicycle repairs and seven for weed wacker repairs were each presented with a set of needed tools for self-employment or other work places. The items were presented to each participant by the training Program coordinator, TIDE’s Community Development Officer, Elmer Requena. Reporting for Love News, Paul Mahung, Punta Gorda.