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PGIA Re-opening proved for tweaks in the system

After all the ups and downs, the doubts and trial run, the Ministry of Health was able to put their advanced screening and processing to the test.

After all the ups and downs, the doubts and trial run, the Ministry of Health was able to put their advanced screening and processing to the test. The seventy-two passengers that came into the country today via the American Airlines flight had to undergo the seven Covid-19 checkpoints before exiting the airport. CEO for the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Yashin Dujon explained that there were a few hitches here and there but no major flaws or setbacks.

Yashin Dujon, CEO, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation: “Today’s exercise went extremely well. We only had one commercial flight on the ground, two private jets came in. What we do here is we check through seven checkpoints that they have to go through in order to leave the facility. Each checkpoint functioned well. We had one or two glitches as you can expect on an opening day but we were able to quickly overcome that from the weeks of practice that we’ve had and the exercise today was very very good. The works that are in place are not final. This draft keeps changing, we keep amending it to improve on our efficiency, on our ability to do health screening and the ability to move passengers through. Today we had one flight, tomorrow we have two we’re going to put this to the test we’re going to see how well it works but I can assure you that the protocols that are in place have safety and efficiency as the two primary objectives of this exercise.”

Zane Bradley, Public Health Inspector in the Ministry of Health also provided an assessment of today’s process.  According to Bradley the system will need a few tweaks here and there but overall the health workers were well prepared and operated smoothly.

Zane Bradley, Public Health Inspector, Ministry of Health: “The screening process entails collecting information from the passengers to find out whether or not they have done their PCR test before entering our country because by knowing this information we have two lines that they go in. When they’re going into checkpoint number three there would be a red line and a green line. The green line would people that come with their PCR test and have a negative result within 72 hours. For those that haven’t brought a PCR test they will go in the red line for further processing. I think today was very successful, the hardest part about today was that some of the passengers did not successfully download the application so for those persons we had to enter it manually and that is what took a lot of time but apart from that once they had that information already it was smooth sailing.”

It is to be noted that every passenger who came off the flight today and those scheduled to land will be properly accounted for and tracked by the Ministry of Health.