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Philip Godson Highway raises concerns after roundabout sinks

There has been much criticism of a section of the road works on the Philip Goldson Highway. One glaring target of that criticism has been a roundabout which already shows huge gaps in the cementing. The thing is that that roundabout was built very recently as part of an ongoing project carried out by Cisco Construction. Today Cisco’s Contract Manager, Arsenio Burgos, told Love News the company suspected that there would be sinking near the roundabout and did everything in its power to prevent it.

Aresenio Burgos, Contract Manager, Cisco Construction: “That road has three layers of geogrid which we’ve never done before to avoid the sinkage and what happened is unfortunately after we had built and put the concrete layer of the roundabout it started to sink which is a phenomenon of that road, it will sink. Now it has stopped sinking, unfortunately like I said we were supposed to have built that roundabout early in the job, we delayed it for as long as we could and we supercharged it meaning you put materials on top of where you’re supposed to build.. We had traffic running on that side all the time and it unfortunately, it sunk. Now you notice that it sunk evenly, it didn’t sink unevenly it’s one quarter that has sunk and interestingly the drains have sunk along with it so the concrete itself has not broken. There is the famous theory that there must be an underground stream passing below it; if you were to continue that same straight line and you go to Apollo Street which is the street parallel to the highway you will find a similar event that’s happening, that the road is sinking, it has broken the pavement, it has been refilled again, the drains are sinking so there seems to be evidence that supports that theory. The only solution which I’m sure everybody wants to know, the only solution is to pile but piling a roundabout creates traffic issue and it’s a very expensive venture. That proposal has been given to government and government still has it in their hands what they intend to do at that roundabout.”