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Philip Willoughby organizes football marathon for New Years Day

Sports aficionados, particularly football lovers, are all invited to a New Years Day football marathon. The event is being organized by Philip Willoughby and the event is, as a matter of fact, called the Philip Willoughby Football Marathon and it takes place at the Wilton Cumberbatch Field. Willoughby says there is still time to register a team for the seven-a-side football marathon.

Phillip Willoughby, Politician: I’d like to extend a warm welcome and invite everyone who wants to participate or support and come out. I’d like to also invite those entrepreneurs who would like to prepare food, provide food to come out and try on the 1st of January to see if you can generate a little income by preparing food for sale and stuff like that.”

Reporter: Do they need to register somewhere ?

Phillip Willoughby, Politician: Okay for the footballers we have Mr.Stanley Jordan Reneu who will be dealing with the registration of the football teams and the players. We will have support staff out there, officials who will be running the day’s events, professional and certified referees so it will be officiated in the right way and the right manner. It’s something that the community has requested of me to stimulate those businesses in the community that provide and prepare food for sale so this will give them an opportunity to come out and see how the first day of the new year will go in relation to food preparation and food sales. Other than that it’s just the young men wanting to get off and do something positive to show positive in their community. So again this is strictly community based and grassroots driven, there is nothing personal for me I am just providing the avenue or the vehicle to getting it done for them so that is my role and my part to play on behalf of the community.”

Prizes include seven hundred dollar cash for the champions and 525 dollars for second place winners. Registration starts at nine o’clock in the morning on New Years Day.