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Philip Willoughby speaks on murders occurring over the weekend

The violence is not an issue just for the church leaders, but it is also a social ill that has to be tackled by different organizations. The One Struggle group, which is led by former City Councilor Philip Willoughby and a few grieving mothers, have been visiting some of the affected families. Willoughby explained why these initiatives are needed to bring healing to the society.

Phillip Willoughby, One Struggle Member: “What the one struggle mothers and the group have agreed to is that we will reach out to support the families who lost their loved ones, we’ll set a schedule and do those visits and what we will determine is to understand the level of support that the families will need. To this end I can speak to two families that I have spoken with, a few of the mothers did reach out to two other families but first off let me say and send my condolences to every family who lost their loved ones over the weekend.”

Willoughby said the negative impact these murders will also have an impact on the children of the deceased.

Phillip Willoughby, One Struggle Member: “I met with the grandmother of the young man who is the delivery guy, he has children I don’t know that they want to disclose the information or the sad fact to the children and to this end I can say that the children do need psychological help. We have reached out to the schools in this case and what the principal and the counselor will do if the children haven’t attended classes today they will reach out to the mother and the family and start to do those works. In other instances, I have met with the Pollard family and what I’ve seen and understood is that he has a three-month-old baby, we’ll be reaching out to the family likewise to provide that support. In terms of the Meghan family, we will do the same. I believe the young man, I am not certain of the name of the young man corner of Faber’s Road and Central American Boulevard but what I was made to understand Ms.Radiance’s son and we will be reaching out to that family and also likewise the Baeza, Lopez, Williams family in relation to these tragic events that have occurred.”

Willoughby said our young men need to think about their future and the future they are passing to their children.