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Philip Willoughby us NEMO’s new Operations Officer

Philip Willoughby was known mostly for his work for the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) in Belize City, and while he was voted out of office on March 7, Willoughby has emerged as the new Operations Officer with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). Willoughby who is forty years old, has been involved in Disaster and Emergency Management since 2006. He says this is what qualifies him to hold the position.

Phillip Willoughby, NEMO Operations Officer: “Besides having the requisite tools, expertise, qualification, I do have a wealth of experience in the related field. I have been around NEMO since 2006 thereabout when I was first elected to City Hall. I have worked with several ministers within my tenure, several CEOs and within all the change and experience that I have been able to work with over the past I took the opportunity to gain as much knowledge, building along with that the experience in becoming a great individual in the field of emergency management.”

Willoughby’s appointment takes effect immediately.