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Live Update COVID-19

📣 PATIENT #4: FOURTH COVID-19 CASE CONFIRMED IN THE COUNTRY.                      📣 Dr. Marvin Manzanero has confirmed that the 4th infected person is a 55 year old man of San Ignacio Town.                      📣 This may be the first indication of a community spread.                      📣 The DHS urges everyone to adhere to the regulations under the State of Emergency which will prove essential in mitigating the spread of the virus.                      📣 As of 6pm on Thursday April 2nd there have been 115 people screened, 25 are now under investigation and still only 3 have tested positive..                      📣 Stay Home. Stay Safe…
  • Belize confirms 4th case of COVID-19
    Belize confirms 4th case of COVID-19

    Director of Health Services, Dr.Marvin Manzanero, confirmed that the 4th infected person is a 55 year old man of San Ignacio Town. The patient is currently in isolation at the Western Regional Hospital. Reports are that he began with a fever and had gone to 2 private clinics for care. He was referred to the […]

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Phillip De La Fuente is UDP Mayoral Candidate for Orange Walk Town

And while the UDP is now in full support of Phillip de la Fuente, there is some political history that cannot be ignored. In 2015, de la Fuente had disassociated himself from the UDP and briefly joined the Belize Progressive Party. Today the media asked him about that and why he was back on the red wagon.

Phillip De La Fuente – UDP Mayoral Candidate

“Yes, I was with the Belize Progressive Party but I will say that I have never changed my ideals, I have never changed my goals.  I have always and will want what is best for my country and my town. Under the UDP right now we will be delivering some excellent projects that can only be done under the United Democratic Party.  I did not contest the elections after I stepped out, I did not until right now I am stepping in back.  The UDP did not block me, I could have run if I want but my reason for running now is that we will be getting some projects to Orange Walk Town that yes under the Belize Progressive Party would not have been made available.  My decision to run in this election is because I can see that things will get done for my community.”

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