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Phillip Willoughby will Represent UDP in next Gen. Election

The UDP Convention for the Port Loyola area was a report card on the leadership of the incumbent Anthony Boots Martinez. Martinez chose Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte as his successor, while former City Councillor Phillip Willoughby had the support of Minister of Education Patrick Faber as well as Minister of National Security John Saldivar. When the ballots were counted, the winner was Phillip Willoughby.

Phillip Willoughby: “I was a aspirant in Albert’s, that didn’t work, I then aspired to be the cities Mayor, that did not work but I believe that God has his plans, that’s my belief and all those roadblocks or bumps along the way just prepared me for this moment and it worked out well that I came here with prayers and support from the people and the team. I became victorious this evening and so I am grateful for that. I love everybody, if you recall going to the Albert situation and going to the Municipal situation there was never any anger or hate towards anyone,  I know I should have been but like I said those were just proprietary  processes to have me here of Port today and that is what is my concern and how I embrace the victory and remain humble and that will resonate across the constituency and people will love you for that, people have to love your for that and then we go from there.”

WIlloughby’s upward battle as the next UDP Area Representative for Port Loyola was compounded by a little-used rule that forced him to quit a government job to enter the convention. Other candidates who lost were Dean Samuels and Shane AC Castillo.