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Pickstock – Sure Seat for the UDP

Prime Minister Barrow even went further in expressing his confidence that despite the efforts being made by a certain coalition and the PUP to discredit Elrington in his Pickstock division, the seat will remain for the UDP.


“And I see that this sustained attack against the Foreign Minister has now taken on an overt party political dimension. I don’t think that the coalition that seems to have been put together and you must look at the fact that Patrick Rogers who first declared for Collet has now moved to Pickstock, that is the first cousin of the wife of the brother of the PUP candidate he is Valerie Woods Smith’s first cousin and you will make what you will of that; I don’t see that their coming together will make one wit of a difference in terms of the campaign in Pickstock. Sedi Elrington has taken care of business in terms of improving the quality of life for the residents of Pickstock. Just at the moment there is a beehive of activity taking place with respect to south side poverty alleviation both infrastructurally, you know that the Mopan Boulevard is being done and the lining of the canal is taking place. The housing component of South Side poverty sees Pickstock getting something just under $1 million dollars, houses are being built, the Minister has maintained and expanded his employment program for single mothers, there is some additional Petro Caribe infrastructure funding for secondary streets in Pickstock on the basis of that kind of activity on the basis of the social programs that the Ministry has always run. I have absolutely no doubt that Pickstock is one of the surest seats for the UDP in Belize City.”

Tonight the group, COLA has planned a public meeting in the division in which it is expected that they will be carrying out their campaign against Elrington.  Love News spoke to Elrington off camera today and he told us that he is not moved or worried.