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Pink Eye Outbreak May be Over

The Pink Eye epidemic is looking to be over. While there has been a surge of cases being reported in the Country since September, the situation seems to be going back to normal as less new cases are being recorded. Doctor Ethan Goff, head of the Epidemiology Unit in the Ministry of Health told us today that if the trend continues this way, the outbreak may soon end.

Dr. Ethan Goff. Head of Epidemiology, Ministry of Health: “All the districts have shown that they have sort of peeked and are now decreasing. Some districts are further ahead in the decrease than others so the northern districts of Corozal and Orange Walk. The last time, I looked at the data was on Monday and if the decreasing trend continues, I think by now those districts are back to normal in terms of the number of new cases you’re seeing every day within normal limits now. The same is true for the Belize Districts and the Cayo District if the trend continues I am expecting that by next week they should be back to normal. The south Stan Creek and Toledo their begging to decrease but I think it will probably be until the middle of November before they are back to the normal level if the trends continue. Once they get to that point when they are back in normal range of what we expect to see in terms of pink eye. We need to wait for a long enough period of time to make sure that the number of cases remains within the normal range before we say that the outbreak is over. That range I would say roughly for conjunctivitis would be 10-14 days. So if things stay normal for a 10-14 days period once it levels off then we can say the outbreak is over.”