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Pitts confident that she can deliver

Dr. Candice Pitts is one of the new faces at the City Hall after she was successful at the municipal elections poles in securing a position as one of the Councilors in Belize City.  Pitts believes that she can be the change that she would like to see.

Dr. Candice Pitts – Councilor, Belize City Council

“Well, I have always been of the opinion that the residents of Belize City deserve better. I cannot say that any of our leaders at this point have made the kind of commitment or seriously try to address and remedy some of these social ills and I realize that I just can’t stand on the sideline and complain I had to join and become the kind of leader that our society needs, become the kind of leader that the city needs.”

Over the years, there have been many workshops encouraging more women to step into the political arena. There have been some who answered the call and entered politics; however, Pitts said that number is still unsatisfactory.

Dr. Candice Pitts – Councilor, Belize City Council

“If we take a review of any of the elections in the past, at the most one or three women became representatives in parliament. That is a joke to me and I don’t think that any of the political parties have made any serious commitment to remedy that so as a developing politician, I want to help to ensure that more women are represented in the political process.”

Research has shown that women, who are in politics, bring a different perspective from their male counterparts.