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Placencia residents concerned over erosion

Placencia is one of the top tourist destinations in Belize, as it is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Since it is a peninsula, though, there is the concern of erosion. This concern has been magnified, recently, after residents noticed that people have been uprooting the mangroves which serve as a buffer during storms and floods.  According to one resident, Magda Morales, someone unknown to her has purchased a part of the land that lies between the road and the sea and has subsequently began uprooting trees and mangroves.  Morales has reached out to the media since in the event of a storm, residents could get trap on the peninsula.

Magda Morales – Concerned Resident: “What they did is they rooted out the trees that is holding this narrow piece of land from eroding to the road. What I want to know is who is selling this property? Who is issuing the permit for these people to just come and destroy our community?It is going to cause a problem. In 2001 when we had hurricane I was hit here, the sea and the lagoon met right over that and without trees that it is going to be washed right away if we get any kind of weather, we will be placed in a serious situation. They are killing the Mango Forest and that is going to affect the Fishing Industry in the south because as we know that is the nursery to all the lobsters, fish and whatever, we need the mangrove to filter the water, we need the system to hold in the land. Today they continued digging out there and they said they have a permit, the police went there and we still can’t do anything so we need the public to be aware of what is going on in this peninsula. I have been noticing over the past month for example, this one instance where there are these people that own this house on the beach. They went across the road and they cut an area of mangrove that is only maybe ten feet wide from the road to the water and they cut it down and burn it so that they could have a view of the Maya mountain.”

Morales also mentioned that she believes whoever is in control of the land received it through unethical means. She appeals for the correct authorities to look into the situation.////////