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Plans for Debate Go on Without Briceno

Francis Fonseca, John Briceno, and Cordel Hyde are all vying to be the next leader of the People’ United Party with the hopes of being Belize’s next Prime Minister. Each of the candidates are vigorously campaigning trying to convince more than three thousand delegates to vote for them at the end of the month. One man is trying to bring all three candidates to a platform where they would debate each other. Glenn Tillett’s idea is for all three candidates to participate in a debate next week Thursday in which they would be given the questions before hand. Tillett and his organizing team are accepting questions from the public and today at a press briefing; he shared his vision of the debate.


“The debate will take the form in that there will be an opening statement for each candidate, the first section will be questions about matters pertaining to the PUP as a party, the second section will be matters of national importance and the third section will be questions on matters arising. We are not going to have a panel of judges that are going to be scoring people on how well they answer questions. I think the greater purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the Belizean public, the electorate have a good idea of what the vision of these gentlemen who will be our leaders what they see of Belize and what should become of this nation of ours. We want the candidates to be comfortable and we want questions to be pertinent and pointed. We are not here trying to create controversy, we are here trying to give or present a forum where these participants, one of whom will be one of the most influential persons in Belize can clearly articulate their vision of Belize. I don’t think the moderators will play a big role in terms of credibility, the questions that they are going to deal with are questions that are coming from the public, from organizations. The likelihood of two of the candidates pulling out I think is very small. I do think that one may in the end reconsider and might be a no show.” 

The candidate that Tillett is referring to is the former leader of the PUP, John Briceno. According to Tillett, this morning Briceno indicated that his scheduled does not permit him to be part of the debate on Thursday so he is reconsidering his position. The debate is schedule to take place at the Radisson Hotel and it starts at 7:30pm.