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PM and Saldivar Differ on Views of BCG Boats

Minister John Saldivar has himself been condemned over the past days for using vessels of the Belize Coast Guard vessels to transport his team the Bandits to San Pedro for a game. Today the Prime Minister weighed in on the matter saying that, in his view, the question is whether what the Minister did was right or not. He goes on to say that he was impressed that the Commander of the Belize Coast Guard, Admiral John Borland, spoke on the matter and stated that in his view there was nothing wrong with the minister’s use of the vessels.


“That leads me to the position where I can say with confidence, with conviction that very clearly the Minister genuinely did not think that he was doing anything in the slightest bit improper and the fact that the admiral the person immediately in charge of the vessel felt the same way I think has to count for a great deal. My own opinion, my own sense of what ought to be done and what ought not to be done differs from that of the Minister.”


“You wouldn’t have done it?”


“I would not have done it but I respect the genuineness of his feeling that it was okay. The minister certainly knows now that that cannot be done again, certainly from the point of view of the government I regret that this developed into a sort of incident but indeed let us go forward knowing that that sort of loose is now absolutely and completely off the table.”