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PM Announces New Cabinet, Senators and CEOs

A few hours after the announcement by the Prime Minister of who will be forming the new Cabinet and in what capacity, 17 men and three women were sworn in at the Belize House in Belmopan, Cayo District.  The swearing in ceremony was done at three o’clock Monday afternoon and presided over by His Excellency Sir Colville Young, the Governor General of Belize.  The announcement by Prime Minister Barrow came just after ten o’clock yesterday morning at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City.


I will be Minister of Finance, Minister of the Public Service, Minister of Energy and Minister of Public Utilities.  My Minister of State will be the Honorable Frank Pawpa Mena and he will be entirely responsible for the public service, energy and public utilities. Elections and Boundaries naturally comes under the Ministry of the Public Service. The Honorable Gaspar Vega is being reappointed as the Deputy Prime Minister of this country and in addition he will be Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development.  The Honorable Omar Figueroa will be his Minister of State with the principal day to day responsibility for sustainable development , the environment and climate change. The Honorable Erwin Contreras now becomes the Minister of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment Trade and Commerce. The Honorable Tracy Taegar Panton is the Minister of State in that ministry with the responsibility for investment, trade and commerce. The Honorable Michael Finnegan is the stand alone Minister of Housing and Urban Development. The Honorable Patrick Faber is the Minister of Education including Science and Technology Education, Culture, Youth and Sports. The Minister of State in that Ministry is the Honorable Elodio Aragon Jr with responsibility of culture, youth and sports. The Honorable Manuel Heredia is the stand alone Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation. The Honorable Boots Martinez is the stand alone Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. The Honorable John Saldivar is the stand alone Minister of National Security. The Honorable Rene Montero is the Minister of Works, Transport and NEMO with the Honorable Edmund Castro the Minister of State in that Ministry responsible for both transport and NEMO. The Honorable Wilfred Elrington is the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Honorable Pablo Marin is the Minister of Health. Dr.Angel Campos is the Minister of State; that Ministry is also being split in terms of the day to day running and Dr.Angel Campos will have responsibility for NHI and Primary Healthcare including all the clinics countrywide. The Honorable Hugo Patt is the full standalone Minister of Local Government, Labor and Rural Development. The Honorable Senator Godwin Hulse is Minister of Natural Resources and Immigration with the Honorable Beverly Castillo being the Minister of State with responsibility complete day to day responsibility for the Ministry of Immigration. We are very pleased to bring in somebody from the private bar as Attorney general and in fact Ministry of Legal Affairs and that is Attorney at law Ms. Vanessa Retreage.”

The Prime Minister also listed the Chief Executive Officers in the various ministries which included a couple of new names.


Beginning with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Immigration Godwin’s CEO will be Ms.Sharon Ramclam who is currently the CEO in the Ministry of Lands so she remains and Mr.Edmund Zunniga who is currently the CEO in Immigration remains with Beverly Castillo. The Ministry of Local Government, Labor and Rural Development again in an effort to reward and encourage bright young people will have as its CEO Mr. Kerry Belisle. We did want to give something of a fresh start to the Ministry of Health and that is why we have sort of sectioned it off and brought in Dr.Campos who as a medical doctor is well placed to help take that Ministry forward and the new CEO in that ministry is Dr. Ramon Figueroa. Lawrence Sylvester remains the CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the Ministry of Works, Transport and NEMO Mr.Gentle, Errol Gentle remains the CEO for Works and Ms.Ruth Meighan is going to be Honorable Castro’s CEO in transport and NEMO. Col. Lovell remains the CEO in National Security. Ms.Judith Alpuche remains the CEO in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transport and Poverty Alleviation. Mr. Yashin Dujon will be the new CEO in the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, another bright young man. In the Ministry of Education, Culture Youth and Sports Mr. David Leacock remains the CEO to Minister Faber and Ms.Adele Catzim will be the CEO for Minister Aragon at Culture Youth and Sports. In the Ministry of Housing and Urban development Minister Denton Belisle remains CEO. For Honorable Erwin Contreras as Minister of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment Trade and Commerce Mrs. Sharman Hyde will be his CEO in Economic Development, EPCs and Petroleum and Mrs. Amparo Noble Masson will be the new CEO for Mrs.Taegar Panton in the Ministry of Investment Trade and Commerce.”

Carlos Perdomo remains as the Cabinet Secretary. The UDP Senators are Godwin Hulse who remains as Leader of Government Business in the Senate; Dr. Carla Barnett, Banker, Steve Duncan, Attorneys Aldo Salazar and Francine Burns and Educator Macario Coy.  President of the Senate is Lee Mark Chang. Michael Peyrefitte remains as Speaker of the House of Representatives.