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PM Barrow comments on CSME

Earlier this month, former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Bruce Golding, blamed the Caribbean Governments for the delay in the implementation of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy, CSME.  The CSME was established almost three decades ago to provide economic integration within CARICOM Member-States.  Today, the media asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow if he feels that the Caribbean Governments are to blame.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow: All these integration movements take a long time to really put everything together, look at the case of Europe, it’s not a reason to become complacent but comparatively speaking I think CARICOM has done reasonably well so that when criticisms are made that are valid we take them on board and we try to do better but I don’t think that we need to come down on ourselves to hard because as I repeat comparatively speaking we have done well.

CARICOM has fifteen Member-States.