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PM Barrow comments on Forte’s case

Why hasn’t Amy Forte filed an official complaint with the Belize Police Department? The Major Crimes Unit of the Belize Police Department was tasked in investigating the allegation made by Forte but without her official complaint there is not much they can do. Forte named was called as the one who signed land documents. Through her attorney, Forte said that her signature was forged. However she has yet to file a report with investigators. Prime Minister Dean Barrow was asked about the matter.

Rt.Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“We’ll that’s the problem the evidence that I got I got from her and I don’t know that it was incredible it was her forthright declaration that she did not in fact sign that conveyance and her furnishing me with a copy of a preliminary report from a handwriting expert which was not conclusive but which said that notwithstanding the fact that the expert had to work from a copy as opposed to an original document the expert felt that the signature that appeared on the copy of the conveyance was not that of Ms. Forte.  Ms.Forte and her lawyer or Ms. Forte through her lawyer, it was only with the lawyer that I spoke, promised that there would be no difficulty in giving the police a statement. I explained when the layer called me that I would move immediately to instruct the police to thoroughly pursue this matter but it would have to depend on Ms. Forte furnishing the police with the material. Ms.Forte has not done so, the police have tried I believe suggestions as to taking the statement outside of the ordinary course of having her come to the station were muted and still she has proven unwilling. The police are therefore stymied stalled and absent Ms. Forte’s changing her position and following through on the commitment the lawyer gave that she would make a statement I’m afraid we’re stuck especially given the justice of the peace in front of whom the signature purported to have been made is saying that Ms. Forte did come and that it was Ms. Forte who signed and that it is Ms. Forte’s signature. In that kind of scenario with Ms. Forte not being prepared to say to the police ‘No. That is not the case. It is not my signature. Let me take down my statement and let me sign to it.’ we’re really stuck.”