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PM Barrow Expresses Outrage About Pastor Lucas’ Homicide

Earlier this year there was the discovery of a headless torso found in the river in the Belmopan area.  It was a gruesome scene as the body was already in a state of decomposition.  The discovery of a human head, however, is unprecedented in Belize and with that Prime Minister Dean Barrow expressed outrage at the entire incident as it continues to unfold.

“Like everybody else I was shaken to the core by what has happened. I would have thought that a murder is a murder is a murder is a murder but that ‘aint so. I mean Lord, this is absolutely grizzly, this is gruesome. Apart from that in itself, I am again completely bold over, completely flattened by the fact that there are allegations, this charge is not just against this foreigner, Canadian, Guyanese, whoever he is but our local people. That there are Belizeans capable of that sort of thing, absolutely petrifies me.”

Prime Minister Barrow also noted that the current crime situation is enough as is without having to deal with such a case of murder, beheading and kidnapping.

“I begin to wonder where our society is going. That of course is not something that is usual and I hope we will never see anything like it. We have enough difficulties as it is with the gang rivalries and with the interne sign shooting and the murders especially in Belize City that the press conference on Monday was designed to address. That of course was completely side tracked because of what happened so let me put on record how absolutely mortified I am that this sort of thing could have happened in our country.”

With all the questions being formulated and the intense coverage of the Lucas murder investigation, Prime Minister Barrow says that more is being drawn from this than what really is.

“Just the extent of the questioning makes clear that you all mean to draw more from this than it properly can sustain. What it can sustain is what it is and I’ve already conceded that optically it is a problem for us politically but I insist there is no suggestion that the acquaintanceship that various ministers had with this man resulted in any kind of impropriety. I hope to God nobody will try to make the giant leap that seems to be lurking in the wings and suggest that Ministers merely in consequence of an acquaintanceship is somehow guilty by association with respect to crimes that this gentleman is accused of having committed, we have to draw the line there.”

Lucas’ head was discovered Friday night in the pan of an F150 pickup truck.